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Delay ):

2012-07-25 18:00:48 by SlapDup

Sorry guys but the first animation will be delayed... it's a short one but even short animations take time. With a little luck, it will be out tomorrow or the day after. I need to fix up a lot of stuff to make it look better, so I'm gonna take a bit more time with it. So if anyone's even reading this (unlikely :P)........ uh... sorry? K bye


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2012-07-26 05:56:09

Don't worry, there's at least one person awaiting your animation =)

SlapDup responds:

haha thanks :D


2012-07-27 00:54:37

Hey I saw your cartoon, it sounds like you want some criticisms so here we go, but bear in mind I'm no expert:
It was good for a first animation and had a pretty good concept, although it wasn't quite executed so well. That cry at the end sounded really wimpy. You should try sketching out your backgrounds on a separate layer and then clean it up on a higher layer.
That bit where he pulls up the blanket, his hands are really small, it would look a lot better if you made his hands bigger.
Before you make another cartoon, I suggest you have a go at drawing a load of stuff in the toonboom environment. You could have a go at more character designs maybe?
I've been really nitpicky here so bear that in mind because what you made was actually pretty good for a first timer, believe me I've seen a lot worse on the portal. Have a look on the portal at what other people have made, and read the reviews they get, and you can avoid making their mistakes too.
Anyhow I'm gonna add you to favourites cos I wanna see how you improve from here =)

SlapDup responds:

Thanks, I have an idea for a next one and I plan on making it much better (more realistic, better characters, all that). Thanks for the advice, and I'll add you to favorites too. I'm looking foward to seeing how your next animation comes out :D