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New Animation in Progress

2012-07-28 21:16:08 by SlapDup

I'm in the progress of making a new animation,.. it's a funny idea I had for a bit so I finally decided to make it. I can guarantee a big improvement since my last animation, and this time I'm adding voice as well. Unlike my last one, I'm going to take a lot of time one this. I spent the past 2 days making my first scene (which is only about 5 seconds, and doesn't even have any action), making it look as good as possible. I've also been playing around with my animation program to find more tools and tricks that I didn't know about (and so far I've learned a lot). So I hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out, cuz I'm putting a lot of effort into it this time. :D Ceeya


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2012-07-28 22:11:53

Cool, looking forward to seeing your improvements