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Entry #6

Animation Update

2012-09-11 17:10:33 by SlapDup

Hey guys. I've been back from Italy for about a week now and I have been doing some work on my animation. Unfortunately I don't exactly know when it will be out because school started again and I have had to do a lot of preparing and starting up and all that, so I haven't been working as much as I wanted to but at least I got a little done since I got back. This is an important year for me at school so I have to put education ahead of animation - sadly :(- but that doesn't mean I won't be stopping animation all together. I'll still be doing it on my spare time (I still have a lot of spare time, I'm not trying to exaggerate and tell you that homework takes up my whole day- it doesn't), but I do other things besides animate and homework so I still want to do those things as well ^^ Anyway, animation will be moving somewhat slowly but I'm still working on it so the next one will be out ASAP! k guys see ya later


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2012-09-11 18:38:39