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Animation Update

2012-09-11 17:10:33 by SlapDup

Hey guys. I've been back from Italy for about a week now and I have been doing some work on my animation. Unfortunately I don't exactly know when it will be out because school started again and I have had to do a lot of preparing and starting up and all that, so I haven't been working as much as I wanted to but at least I got a little done since I got back. This is an important year for me at school so I have to put education ahead of animation - sadly :(- but that doesn't mean I won't be stopping animation all together. I'll still be doing it on my spare time (I still have a lot of spare time, I'm not trying to exaggerate and tell you that homework takes up my whole day- it doesn't), but I do other things besides animate and homework so I still want to do those things as well ^^ Anyway, animation will be moving somewhat slowly but I'm still working on it so the next one will be out ASAP! k guys see ya later

Bad/Good News

2012-08-13 21:04:00 by SlapDup

Hey guwyz I have some news. On Thursday I'm going to Italy to visit some relatives so I won't be able to post my animation :( I'm gonna be there for 2 and a half weeks... so I think I'll do all the voice recordings so that i don't have to do them IN Italy and I can still work on the actual animating in my spare time there but I also need to find music and sound effects so I don't have much time to do get everything ready. I'm not sure if this is bad news... I'm going to Italy :D.... and it's also gonna make a huge delay in my animation D: I'll do my best to work on it there and have it out ASAP.
Arrivederci! :P


2012-08-06 20:33:00 by SlapDup

Hey guys. I took a break from animation for a week or so, so my work-in-progress hasn't progressed much. However I just got back to making it so it should be out in about a week... hopefully you guys like it more than you did my last ^.^
Anyway I'm gonna work hard on it so it should be pretty sexy :3
okeh bye

New Animation in Progress

2012-07-28 21:16:08 by SlapDup

I'm in the progress of making a new animation,.. it's a funny idea I had for a bit so I finally decided to make it. I can guarantee a big improvement since my last animation, and this time I'm adding voice as well. Unlike my last one, I'm going to take a lot of time one this. I spent the past 2 days making my first scene (which is only about 5 seconds, and doesn't even have any action), making it look as good as possible. I've also been playing around with my animation program to find more tools and tricks that I didn't know about (and so far I've learned a lot). So I hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out, cuz I'm putting a lot of effort into it this time. :D Ceeya

Delay ):

2012-07-25 18:00:48 by SlapDup

Sorry guys but the first animation will be delayed... it's a short one but even short animations take time. With a little luck, it will be out tomorrow or the day after. I need to fix up a lot of stuff to make it look better, so I'm gonna take a bit more time with it. So if anyone's even reading this (unlikely :P)........ uh... sorry? K bye

First Movie Coming Soon

2012-07-24 19:07:33 by SlapDup

My first animation movie will be out in a day or so............................
Don't expect a Mona Lisa it's only my first one -.-